Share your service uptime with Odown's status page.

Communicate your site's performance to your users within fully customizable public status pages

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status page

Status page made for your company

Our status page gives you a feature-rich and fully customizable status page to keep your customers informed if anything goes wrong. It's just a simple page designed for you that confidently represents your brand.

When your team is working late at night to solve an issue, your customers can subscribe to the status page and get the latest updates in their preferred method. As a result, they will trust you and feel comforted.

If your website goes down, it means that you'll lose money, maybe lots of it; this is why our Status page was born. It provides the detailed, up-to-date status of your websites and APIs. Your customers and support teams get a clear picture of what's happening—and you save money by solving issues before they become problems.

Status pages - Status page made for your company
Simple communication

An easy-to-use solution for real-time communication

Suppose technical issues impact your customers on your website. In that case, they might want to rely on your status page to help them judge whether they can do business with you that day or not.

By using our status page, your customers will see all the details and updates that matter most, such as whether your site is up or down, the root cause of the issue, and how long it'll take to get back online.

Status pages solve the problem of updating multiple places at once and communicating with both your users and your team by delivering real-time notifications in a friendly and persuasive way.

We help you provide transparent service and make your customers happier.

Status pages - An easy-to-use solution for real-time communication

So what can I expect from our beautiful Status Pages?

Our Status Pages provide everything you need to immediately and effectively keep your customers informed about your service status

status page's subscribing

Customers can subscribe in seconds

Now it's easy to offer status updates and real-time outage notifications available to your customers and team members who want to receive them. They can be alerted by email, Slack, Discord, SMS text messages, or RSS feed with one click.

Status pages - Customers can subscribe in seconds
Rich useful data

Transparent data that builds customer confidence

Make your business completely transparent by keeping your customers informed about your shared response time. Odown also allows your users to see past issues and resolution times, letting them know exactly what's going on behind the scenes.

Shared response time is suitable for some businesses, so we have made this feature optional.

Status pages - Transparent data that builds customer confidence
Custom domain name

Use your own domain name

Set up a status page on your domain, such as An integrated status page on your business domain name will allow you to confidently inform your users about what is currently happening with your product or project.

Use the custom domain feature to make your business look more professional and make your status page the healthy face of your business.

Status pages - Use your own domain name
Custom design

Create a uniform brand for your pagee

Our status page is fully customizable; it allows you to play well with your brand, add a logo of your choice and change the color scheme to match your business brand.

Status pages - Create a uniformed brand for your pagen