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Keep your customers trust with transparent incident management

Quickly understand what happened, collaborate with team members, troubleshoot, and fix in minutes.

Incident Management

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Incident Management

Efficient incident management

Incident Management is much like medical triage - an essential part of the infrastructure to manage a temporary problem. Our goal is to help your teams get up to speed quickly and solve incidents with minimum impact on their systems, people, and reputation.

Incident Management - Efficient incident management
Incident processing

Quick and easy incident process

Our incident management process helps you manage any incident faster with all details and information.

It takes a few seconds to fill out an incident report, so start by choosing your affected monitors and the incident's status; set a brief description that explains the problem. That's it. DONE

You can also share the incident's details with your customers and notify your status page's subscribers about any new related updates.

Incident Management - Quick and easy incident process
Schedule maintenance

Automate Scheduled maintenance

There are essential phases in the life of your product, such as availability, purchase, and others. You must inform your customers of any repairs made on these phases so that they can prepare accordingly.

By using scheduled maintenance, you keep the trust of your customers, and they recognize the professionalism of your service through alerts and real-time communication.

It can also be easy to make your maintenance fully automated by setting up the start date, deadline, customer notifications at each stage, or maintenance update.

Incident Management - Automate Scheduled maintenance
real time update

Update incident timeline instantly

An incident timeline is a useful and tangible way to record the history of an incident, to provide evidence of past actions

When you update your incident with a new event, you help your customers understand what's going on and the problem on your service. Because our service is real-time, we will inform your customers instantly of any updates on your status page or by notifications through different alert channels.

Incident Management - Update incident timeline instansl
Instant synchronization

Realtime sync with the status page

This feature allows you to share your incident and scheduled maintenance content on your status page in real time.

And after any incident update, we will notify your status page subscribers instantly through your available alert channels like Email, Slack, Discord, or RSS, and your customers will always trust you and your service.

Incident Management - Realtime sync with status page

Easy to notify your team and status pages subscribers

When you manage your incident or scheduled maintenance, you must let your team and your status page's subscribers know about it.

With just one click, you can alert your customers with the necessary information to keep them up to date with any issues.

Incident Management - Easy to notify your team and status pages subscribers

We support alerts on 8 different platforms, including...

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Worldwide website monitoring

Global coverage

Get a clear picture of how your services perform for all your users worldwide. Run your monitor from 17 different data center locations spread over the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

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