Changelog : Incident Management & improve status page

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Changelog : Incident Management & improve status page - Odown - uptime monitoring and status page

Huge update, we're so excited to announce the second version of Odown, which includes many new features that help you monitor your uptime, track performance, publish incidents and keep your customers happy.

New features for the status page

Improvement and new features of the status page process

  • Unique design and make the monitors selection more simple and fast
  • Possibility to display the response time average and the uptime average under the monitor chart
  • Custom notification for subscribers of your status page
  • Ability to communicate the ranges and type of graph on the status page

Features related to incident management :

  • Display open incidents in the status page's header
  • Ability to add subscribers to your status page from your status page setting
  • Ability to send real-time outage notifications to your status page subscribers

Subscribers feature

The status page now includes an option for your visitors to subscribe to receive updates whenever you publish an update (incidents, scheduled maintenance or real-time outage).

Odown - Status page Subscribers feature

Incident management system

  • Incident: Create a quick and straightforward incident, notify your team and status pages' subscribers

Odown - incident management - incident

  • Scheduled maintenance: Automate scheduled maintenance with real-time notifications at every critical milestone until it's resolved

Odown - incident management - scheduled maintenance

SSL monitoring

Show more details about your SSL certificate.

Odown - SSL Certificate details

New Integrations

In this section, we have added 2 SMS providers to let you notify your status page's subscribers of any created incidents, updates and even real-time outages. And once you have activated one of the 2 SMS providers below, your status pages will give the option to offer SMS notifications to your subscribers.

Odown - SMS providers - status page subscribers

👉 Twilio

If you don't have a Twilio account yet, create a new one here, get API access, then add it to your account as an SMS provider. You will be billed directly to your Twilio account (see the Twilio pricing page).

👉 Nexmo ( Vonage )

Nexmo is another SMS provider with competitive prices, create a new account here, get API access and add them to your Odown account. And check the Nexmo pricing page.

Global bug fixes and improvements

  • Redesign of the monitors' list
  • Redesign of billing plans with more features and clean specifications
  • Improve the load of the graphics of the status page
  • Fixed a bug on the unsubscribing process on the status page